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Please consult our frequently asked questions, these should provide you with an answer to the most common questions.

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Should you encounter any problems with your account, you can also mail us at

In case of an abuse, please use the designated Abuse Report option, you can find it on boys' profile pages from self-employed boys at People Direct. Further guidelines can also be found here should you need them.

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Tips for Succesful appointments

Some boys are excited to do escorts every now and then, others prefer to do it more professionally.

Handy tips to make appointments work:
1. More and more boys nowadays confirm their profile by adding credits upon their account; with that, they indicate they are who they say they are, as they are not totally anonymous anymore. This usually is a pretty good indicator for success, as these boys are seriously looking to get in touch with you. They have this green icon displayed in front of their name.
2. Check the last-visit date, it is mentioned underneath the boys' name. We advise max. 6 months, and built in a filter so you can also filter on this.
3. Is the working area the boy indicated the same as where you'd like to meet?
4. Being gentle and kind usually works best, there is no need for being rude.


People Direct is a website for direct 1-1 contact, and although we do provide you with technical support, we cannot offer you any phone support. People Direct is a fully automated system with self-employed boys.

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