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People Direct: direct 1-1 computer contact with self-employed boys

As we do not have any influence on self-employed boys and do not know if they actually meet up to what they advertise, we have built an extensive user-feedback system with also the possibilities for immediate blocking by abuse-reporting. Furthermore you will find our unique interactive Digital Assistant, which helps you plan and organise your apppointments.

Important: always realise that boys at People Direct are anonymous and not screened!

People Direct is no active mediation from our end, but a fully automated system, in which our knowledge and experience are built into.

As you arrange things 1-1 with each other at People Direct, it is solely your responsibility to make sure that the contact which may result is legally just.

Should information at this site be incorrect, we strive to correct this within max. 24 hours after we have been notified.
We explicitly exclude any and all possible liability claims, and cannot be held accountable for any contact between persons we do not know.
If you cannot agree with that, you are free not to use the website of People Direct at

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